A re-implementation of the Odyssey engine in JS/Electron


Ever since I played Knights of the Old Republic back when it released, I was immediately enamored by it's depth of choice and engaging story. Soon after I discovered the modding scene that was blossoming over at LucasForums (RIP), and with that I started making small mods that never saw the light of day.

Fast forward to today and i've started on my quest to remake the engine in Javascript with the help of Electron to wrap it in an app like container.

Why? This is inevitably the question I am bound to get. The answer is I just love JS not because it has any bragging rights on performance over languages like C++... It's just fun. I use JS a lot in Web Design and I have a pretty decent grasp of it and love all of the things people are doing with it in regards to game design. It may also be a easier entry point for aspiring developers to jump on with if they are not proficient with more powerful stuff like C++.

The project has come a long way. The engine can currently run

  • Menus

  • In-game levels

  • Character models with animations

  • Simple collision including the camera and player models

  • Sound emitters and background music

  • Early early attempts at the battle system. (No damage is calculated yet)

  • And more...

Project discussion is hosted at DeadlyStream
Status: In Progress
Updated: September 4th 2018